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   Foundation Performance

   Houston, Texas

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October 11, 2017  

4:00 PM  Workshop   (1.0)
The Effects of Hurrican harvey Flooding on Foundations Panel
Speaker: FPA Board of Directors  FPA


November 08, 2017  

5:00 PM  Presentation   (1.0 PDH)
Characterizing Geotechnical Materials with Seismic Waves: Static and Dynamic Applications
Speaker: Dr. Ken Stokoe, P.E. w/  University of Texas

4:00 PM  Presentation   (1.0 PDH)
Differential Movement and Expansion Joints in Brick Veneer
Speaker: Ms. Leslie Seaton  Acme Brick


December 13, 2017  

5:00 PM  Presentation   (1.0 PDH)
Designing Bases and Subgrades for Better Pavement Performance
Speaker: Dr. Robert Lytton, P.E.  Texas A&M


January 10, 2018  

5:00 PM  Presentation   (1.0 PDH)
Geoforensic Evaluation of Asphaltic Concrete Pavements for Parking Lots
Speaker: David A. Eastwood, P.E., C.A.P.M.  Geotech Engineering and Testing


February 14, 2018  

5:00 PM  Presentation   (1.0 PDH)
Geophysical Case Studies Concerning Karst Springs, Active Growth Faults, Volcanic Vents and Abandoned Water Wells in Texas
Speaker: Mr. Mustafa Saribudak, Ph.D.  Environmental Geophysics Asssociates

5:00 PM  Presentation   (1.0 PDH)
Speaker: Mr. Chris Moretti  Martin Marietta


March 14, 2018  

5:00 PM  Presentation   (1.0 PDH)
RCC in Texas
Speaker: Mr. Jan R. Prusinski, P.E., FACI  Cement Council of Texas

4:00 PM  Presentation   (1.0)
Commercial Brick Workmanship
Speaker: Mr. Les Seaton  Acme Brick

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