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JULY 8, 2020
Wednesday, July 8, 2020
4:00 PM (1.0 PDH) Protecting the First Side of the Building
5:00 PM (1.0 PDH) Stabilizing Expansive Clay with Earthlok


Hess Club has permanently shut its doors.
We are searching for a new meeting location.
Our normal presentations and workshops remain on hold until a suitable venue is found.

If you have a centrally located venue suggestion, please contact Vicky Bonds at 713-699-4000

This month's program is virtual only. All FPA members will be emailed a Zoom webinar pre-registration link by Vicky Bonds at Geotech Engineering. If you wish to attend, please follow the Zoom instructions.

You must pre-register to attend. Your PDH certificate will be emailed within a week of the presentation(s).

If you are unable to register, please contact Vicky Bonds at Geotech Engineering and Testing, Tel: 713-699-4000 at least 48 hours before the meeting.

This technical program is complimentary to you thanks in part to our Room Sponsors:

Nelson Construction and Foundation Repair
Ram Jack
VoidForm Products, Inc.

4:00 PM (1.0 PDH)

Title : Protecting the First Side of the Building

Speaker : Ethan Smith w/ Stego Industries

BIO : Ethan Smith is the Gulf Coast Representative for Stego Industries. Mr. Smith conducts seminars for architects & structural engineers with a focus on the latest standards and recommendations from The American Concrete Institute and ASTM International. Mr. Smith also frequently leads pre-construction meetings and site reviews to support ongoing projects in the Houston, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans area(s) to aide in the installation and inspection of Stego products.

ABSTRACT : This webinar provides an in-depth look at below-slab moisture, soil gases, brownfields & contaminated sites, and subterranean termites and how to effectively mitigate these concerns with barrier solutions on various project sites and differing foundation designs. The program will examine building material failures, property loss, negative health effects, and the liability associated with the intrusion and infestation of these concerns, along with the environmental factors that are impacted by each of the issues compared to that of the sustainable solutions selected to mitigate them. Moreover, the program is designed to update attendees on the current standards and recommendations from ASTM, ACI, EPA, and other organizations associated with each concern, as well as experts' perspectives from each respective field.

5:00 PM (1.0 PDH)

Title : Stabilizing Expansive Clay with Earthlok

Speaker : Coleton Eaves w/ Earthlok Soil Stabilizer

BIO : I studied at James Madison University in Harrisonburg VA. I moved to Texas and started working for AboveAll roofing company as a project manager for 2 years then moved on to Earthlok in 2016. My resume is not very extensive considering my age, I have been with this company for the last 4 years and hope to retire here. I love the outdoors, good food, and fine wine. I have always had a bit of an obsession with soil, I just never knew that It would be part of my Career! Since I have been at Earthlok, I have gotten our product accepted, and specified by the USACE, expanded our market to the Northeastern region of the United States, and personally overseen the successful stabilization of over 2,000,000 Square feet worth of building foundations. I plan on going back to school to study further about soil Mechanics and Building Science. I have learned more from the monthly FPA meetings in the last 4 years, then most of my schooling combined.

ABSTRACT : In this presentation we will be discussing the importance of reducing the swelling capabilities of expansive clay soils (CH) across the state of Texas (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston), as well as other regions of the country. Earthlok serves residential, commercial, and industrial clients for new and existing structures that are located in expansive clay areas. We will go into a complete description of the products capabilities and limitations, as well as some brief chemistry of how the Earthlok Process actually works in the ground. We will show a few case studies, as well as go through and share some of the projects that we have done specifically in the Houston Area. There are plenty of descriptive pictures throughout the presentation detailing the means, and methods of installation of Earthlok, and questions are highly encouraged!



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