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   Foundation Performance

   Houston, Texas

   Webmaster:  Molly Fischer


The Foundation Performance Association (FPA) is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge, performance, and standards of engineering, construction, and repairs related to foundations, soils, and structures.

The targeted membership of the Foundation Performance Association includes structural and geotechnical engineers, forensic engineers and consultants, architects, designers, builders, inspectors, and repair contractors actively engaged in the design, engineering, construction, inspection, assessment, and repair of lightly loaded foundations in Texas. Also targeted are students, product manufacturers, vendors, developers, attorneys, warrantors, realtors, lenders, appraisers, insurers, and other professionals involved in foundation maintenance, materials, litigation, warranty, finance, insurance, and other aspects of the residential and nonresidential low-rise building industry.

To accomplish our mission we will:

  • Provide and maintain a nonprofit technical organization with appropriate bylaws for the targeted membership.

  • Regularly hold open technical meetings, seminars, and other events in order to educate our targeted membership and the public, to promote the improvement in foundation performance, and to elevate the standards and ethics of those engaged in the foundation industry for residential and other low-rise buildings.

  • Organize committees with appropriate rules and peer review, with the goal of researching and writing documents such as guides and recommended practices that are beneficial to our targeted membership and the public.

  • Publish our documents through a website, making them available to our targeted membership and the public.



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Next Meeting
May 20, 2020
4:00 pm
4:00 - 5:30 Presentation
John M. Clark, P.E. w/ Principal and owner of John Milton Clark Engineers
4:00 PM Presentation
Mr. Jim Dutton w/ Du-West Foundation Repair
5:00 PM Presentation
Ms. Maria Aponte w/ TxDOT
Last Meeting - Presentation
April 08, 2020
4:00 PM
Dr. Howard Perko, P.E. w/ Magnum Piering

Most Recent Publication
John M. Clark, P.E., Principal and owner of John Milton Clark Engineers Inc.,