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A total of 15 members sit on the FPA Board for the year 2017.

Monard Kinman, Jr., P.E. 281-814-8484 President
William Morfey 713-552-1234 President-Elect
Belva Ann Nelson 713-473-2382 Secretary, Registation Chair
Robert  Taylor, P.E., A.I.A. 713-621-5599 Treasurer
Steve Schilder, P.E. 281-391-8021 Past President
Steve Bache, P.E. 936-525-9718 Board Member
Gary Beck, P.E., SECB 713-377-4209 Board Member, Marketing Chair
Gary Boyd, P.E. 936-321-5055 Board Member, Membership Chair
Karl Breckon, P.E. 832-240-3772 Board Member
Lowell Brumley, P.E. 713-667-0800 Board member
Jeffrey Burkman, P.E. 281-537-5522 Board Member, Website Chair
David Eastwood, P.E. 713-699-4000 Board Member, Programs Chair
Charles Jenkins, P.E. 281-334-6030 Board Member
Ron Kelm, P.E. 713-468-8100 Board Member
Michael Skoller, P.E. 713-956-2094 Board Member

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For next year’s board
Voting ends Dec 5, 2017

Next Meeting - Presentation - December 13, 2017
Dr. Robert L. Lytton
December 13, 2017
Appreciation Dinner
Last Meeting -
November 08, 2017
Dr. Ken Stokoe, P.E., University of Texas

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