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   Foundation Performance

   Houston, Texas

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DECEMBER 11, 2019
Wednesday, December 11, 2019
4:00 PM (1.0 PDH)

4:00 PM (1.0 PDH)

Title : Geoforensic Study of a Commercial Building

Speaker : Dr. Harry Nguyen w/ Geotech Engineering and Testing

ABSTRACT : The damages of light structures caused by soil desiccation of vegetation has long been recognized. However, understanding for a complex natural system of vegetation, soils, weather and their effects on the stability of light structure foundation is quite poor; for example, there is still little evidence to distinguish between species, soil types, foundation types and different regional weather patterns. This paper discusses the foundation distress of a commercial building in City of Houston, which is caused by soil desiccation of young trees near building. Growth and penetration of tree roots into soils, water absorption and transpiration of trees, and foundation-placed depth of light structures constructed near trees will also be discussed.


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