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FEBRUARY 14, 2018
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
4:00 PM - 5:00 Workhop (1.0 PDH)


Integrated Geophysical Case Studies Applied to Foundation, Active Faults, Sinkhole, and Subsidence Problems in Central and South Texas

Speaker: Mustafa Saribudak, Ph.D., P.G. , Environmental Geophysics Associates  Tel. (832) 368-4004

Mustafa Saribudak was born in Turkey. He attended Istanbul University for his geological engineering degree, receiving his Ph.D. from the Geophysical Department of Istanbul Technical University in Turkey. He came to the United States to work on a National Science Foundation project at the Geosciences Department of University of Houston. After this project, he decided to stay in the USA and he started working for Tierra Environmental in the Woodlands, Texas. He founded Environmental Geophysics Associates  in 1994 to provide near-surface geophysical services for engineering, environmental, oil and gas industries. During the last 20 years he has conducted more than 350 geophysical surveys in the USA, Central America and Canada.

Dr. Saribudak’s main interest is in locating caves and sinkholes, foundation problems, active growth faults, and groundwater exploration.  He has published numerous papers and short notes in geophysical and environmental journals. He recently moved to Austin, Texas where he now resides.


FPAGeophysical methods are sporadically applied to assess geological and/or environmental   problems. Opinions concerning the effectiveness of these geophysical surveys are mixed, and geophysical techniques are not gen­erally recognized as primary tools in engineering-scale projects.
However, remarkable advances in the manufacturing of geophysical instruments over the last decade have made geophysics a viable tool for engineering studies. Data quality has been increased by the advent of continu­ous data collection. The data are better processed and inter­preted by new and improved software packages, which results in improved subsurface imaging and mapping.FPA
Dr. Saribudak will present geophysical results from several case studies. Results will show that geophysical methods can be very effective in providing additional subsurface data for remedying foundation problems. He will present near-surface geophysical case studies applied to foundation problems, active growth faults, and subsidence and sinkhole problems. The case studies he will present are mainly from the Houston and Austin areas.


To read a summary of a previous FPA presentation by Dr. Saribudak, please click:

July 2011 
 Environmental Geophysical Case Studies in Texas


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