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Wednesday, January 11, 2017 (1.0 PDH)


Geoforensic Evaluation of a School Project.

Speaker: Dr. Roy Saravanathiiban, P.E. Project Manager with Geotech Engineering & Testing (GET), 17407 US Highway 59, Houston TX 77396. Tel No: 713-699-4000.

Dr. Saravanathiiban is a project manager at Geotech Engineering and Testing (GET) responsible for the daily operations of geotechnical explorations, data analyses and the preparation of report recommendations. He has about ten years of experience in geotechnical, environmental, materials and forensic engineering. He is involved in geotechnical investigations for educational facilities, buildings, medical facilities, shopping center, industrial buildings, parks, pools, prisons, wastewater facilities, water plants, subdivisions, parking lots, chain stores, airports, near-shore facilities, apartment buildings, and petrochemical complexes. Dr. Saravanathiiban also has experience in design analyses necessary for the design of both shallow and deep foundations, retaining structures, earth embankments, levees, roadway foundations, assessments of settlements and forensic engineering. He has completed numerous geotechnical engineering projects related to bridges, levees, floodwells and gates, pump stations, treatment plants, and navigation locks, marine structures, port facilities, communication towers and public work projects.


Geoforensic EvaluationDr. Roy Saravanathiiban discussed "Geoforensic Evaluation of a School Project." It is a case study on foundation distress of the elementary school located in Houston Metro Area. The school was constructed in late 1970s. The existing building is a one-story structure. Phase I and Phase II Geoforensic Studies were conducted to identify the causation for distress and to develop repair techniques. In his presentation, Dr. Saravanathiiban explored methodologies to identify the causes for the foundation distress. In addition, he discussed the repair techniques that would reduce future movement and cracking of the structure.



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