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Wednesday, October 12, 2016
5:00 to 6:30 P.M. (1.0 PDH)


How to be Outstanding in Your Field … and How to Be Found Out There: Marketing Yourself as an Expert

Speaker: Rosalie Hamilton, Legal Marketing Strategist with Expert Communications, 9090 Skillman St, #182A-350, Dallas, TX 75243. Tel No. 214-774-9920.

Rosalie Hamilton is a prolific writer, contributing to expert witness directories, newsletters and newspapers, and professional journals. She is frequently invited to speak at conferences for such organizations as the American Society of Appraisers, NACVA, the Forensic Accounting Conference at Florida Atlantic University, SEAK, the American Board of Vocational Experts, the National Association of Document Examiners, FEWA (the Forensic Expert Witness Association, the Securities Experts Roundtable, and The Center for Excellence in Advocacy, Stetson University College of Law.

A leading authority on expert witness marketing and founder of Expert Communications, Rosalie Hamilton provides customized marketing plans and consulting and coaching to individual experts and expert firms. More than twenty years of marketing, sales management, training and publishing, the last period of employment as Director of Expert Witness Marketing for Texas Lawyer (newspaper) and Coordinator of the National Law Journal (now American Lawyer) Expert Witness Directories, provided the background for her book, The Expert Witness Marketing Book, the seminal publication in the field.


To an audience of 67, Rosalie started her presentation with three main points: Expression, Marketing Steps, and Follow-up/Follow-throuight.

Expression was described as Who, What, for Whom, and Why You?  She discussed the need for consistency in marketing, even down to either promoting a solo practice in the expert’s name, or using his/her company name, but being consistent one way or the other.

Rosalie stressed the need to clearly articulate the What, that which differentiates an expert from his competitors, which also influences the composition of Why You.

The Whom involves determining what attorney specialties are the expert’s particular prospect market, also keeping in mind how attorneys think and behave.

Marketing steps for experts include creating a personal expert site or adding expert witness page(s) to the expert’s non-legal, “day job” website.

Determining the expert’s pertinent keywords, discussed in the Expression of marketing, were also emphasized regarding search engine optimization of the expert’s website and repeating those terms in expert witness directory listings.

Points of Follow-up and Follow-through included systematically following up after being contacted for an engagement, making update calls to attorneys during the engagement, and writing a thank-you note after a case and also for referrals.

Rosalie concluded her presentation by describing many of her real world experiences that provided additional lessons for becoming a successful expert witness in the engineering field.







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