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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 (1.0 PDH)


Concrete Cloth - Changing the Way You Think about Concrete
Speaker: John Paulson, P.E., Consultant to Milliken & Company, Tel: 770 851 6090.

John Paulson is an accomplished technical professional with a solid background in soil reinforcement design concepts and design practices as well as geosynthetic manufacturing and marketing.  His most recent activities as a registered Professional Engineer include designing geogrid reinforced segmental retaining walls and geogrid reinforced soil slopes for commercial projects.  In addition, he consults extensively with companies in the geosynthetics industry.  Prior to his most recent activities, Mr. Paulson was involved in the development and management of profitable geotextile and geogrid business units in a variety of business environments for more than 25 years, holding business unit and functional leadership positions in a number of companies, including Exxon Chemical Geotextiles, Nicolon Corporation and Anchor Retaining Wall Systems.  He is currently working with Milliken & Company on the launch of Milliken Concrete Cloth in North America.


To a group of about 60, John Paulson, P.E., gave a presentation titled “Concrete Cloth – Changing the Way You Think about Concrete”.  Mr. Paulson’s presentation included a technical description of Concrete Cloth™ (geocomposite concrete cloth layer) along the background information about the developement of the product. Concrete cloth is described as a flexible cement-impregnated fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable concrete layer. Concrete cloth is fabricated using an exterior layer of water impermeable PVC bottom coating, a interior core of concrete mix and reinforcing fiber matrix, and a fabric top layer.

Mr. Paulson listed a large number of applications includeing: ditch linings, erosion and scour control, slope protection, pipe protection, culvert repair, shelters, headwalls, containment, and weed control to name a few.  Mr. Paulson also described those current products and applications where concrete cloth may be used as a substitute including gunnite, shotcrete, rip rap, pavers, concrete blocks, and geogrid.  He listed several advantages of concrete cloth among them: non skilled labor can be used for the installation, no heavy equipment is required, no metal is used so no corrosion, and the product can be installed in most weather conditions.

To view Mr. Paulson's presentation slides, click here.

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