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Wednesday, February 15, 2005


Tensar and Bearing Capacity including Pavement Distress

Speakers: Mr. Keith C. Brooks, P.E. with Contech Construction Products, Inc. Tel. 281-256-2494 and John Kanet with Tensar Earth Technologies, Inc. Tel. 713-935-9637


Keith Brooks, P.E., Geosynthetic Specialist for Contech Construction Products and John Kanet, Southwest Regional Manager of Tensar Earth Technologies gave a slide presentation to an audience of about 40 on the utilization of Tensar Biaxial Geogrids to stabilize soft subgrades under buildings and pavement areas including parking areas, roads, etc.

According to the speakers, the Tensar Biaxial Geogrid:

  • is punched and drawn from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or copolymer sheets, similar to the way expanded metal is made from steel plates.
  • is easy to install without any equipment, just hand-carry and hand-roll it out
  • comes in 3 m or 4 m (10 ft or 13 ft) wide rolls
  • is an alternative to chemical stabilization and more permanent
  • can reduce pavement subbase aggregate thickness from 12" to 8".
  • reinforces but does not separate subgrade materials whereas geotextiles separate but do not reinforce
  • reinforces soft surfaces such that heavy equipment can start driving immediately
  • costs $2-$3 per SY ( $.20 - $.30 per SF)


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