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APRIL 2004
Wednesday April 21, 2004


Inspection Surveys using Infrared Technology

Speaker: Mr. Greg FitzGerrell (Tel. 713-826-1380) with GFS Services, Inc. Humble TX.


Mr. FitzGerrell is the founder of GSF Services Inc. a company he established in 2002 to provide various Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services to the commercial, industrial and marine industries. He got his start in thermography for electrical distribution system inspections at Stewart and Stevenson, and later transferred this technology to buildings and roofs.

In his presentation to about 35, Mr. FitzGerrell showed how he uses infrared cameras to detect problems with:

  • Building Construction
  • Poor Insulation
  • Roof Construction
  • Moisture Intrusion
  • Electrical Connections
  • Plumbing Leaks below Slabs

Mr. FitzGerrell uses a camera that looks like one the of the older video cameras. The camera cost about $50,000. two years ago and with it he is able to infra-red in real time. When he sees the view he wants, he snaps a still photo. Timing is everything. He has to wait patiently for hours or days until the Sun or other energy sources heat up the area he wants to photograph. He needs about 10 to 20 degree temperature differentials in order to get usable data.

Mr. FitzGerrell said the camera is a good quality control (QC) tool for buildings under construction. For instance he showed a residential wall that was missing insulation on some of the walls. He also said he could trace a plumbing leak below a slab by running hot water down the drain.

To see some of the infra-red photos presented by Mr. FitzGerrell, click here


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