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JUNE 19, 2002 - Criteria for the Inspection of and the Assessment of Residential Slab-on-Ground Foundations

Speaker: Mr. Don Lenert, P.E of Lenert Engineers, Inc., Houston TX

Don Lenert, P.E., long-time FPA member and chair of the ad hoc Deflection Committee presented the draft of his committee's paper entitled, "Criteria for the Inspection of and the Copies of the Document No. FPA 201 - 2001 Supplement #1 were handed out to the large audience of about 60. The document is in peer review (under the FPA-DC-01 document number) and Don asked for further comments from those present.

Don hit highlights from his committee's paper, noting that the presented draft is a revision of one published by the committee in 1997. The main impetus in the paper is a procedure on how to measure slab deflections and how to use those measurements to determine if a slab is distorted beyond what the original design allowed. He spoke of the Levels A, B and C from the state board in the later '90's. He said even though it was pulled from the state board's website, the inspection level guidelines are still in effect and he referenced them in the paper.

To download a copy of the original slide presentation in Adobe Acrobat format, click here.

To download a copy of the revised slide presentation (Rev. A dated 13 April, 2003) in Adobe Acrobat format, click here.


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