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New International Code

Speaker:Joe Edwards, president of the FPA

Joe Edwards, president of the FPA (that is, up until this meeting) gave an informative talk on the new International Code which is now replacing the previously reigning codes, UBC, the SBC and BOCA, across the country, and internationally. The first issue is available now (the 2000 code) and is in 11 volumes which can be purchased separately. It will be updated every three years as were its predecessors. The 22 smaller cities in the Houston metropolitan area have already adopted it or will do so by the end of the year. Houston and Pasadena are the only two hold-outs in this area. In 4 or 5 years, the previous 3 main codes will no longer be published. As far as foundation design, the PTI and WRI methods are included. BRAB is not. As far as framing, attic design loads will be 20 psf, not 10.

Better get the code to see if there are other changes that affect you. Thanks for the excellent presentation Joe.


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